UPDATED July 2019: is one of our favorite sites to book hotels around the world. They make it safe and simple to find a place and book it online. is offering a 10% off your booking even if it is not your first time using the site. 

If you want to learn more read on below and there are a few simple steps to make it work!

If you just want the 10% cash back click here but keep reading if you want to learn more about this coupon code.

Make sure you use this link to get 10% back at the end of your trip.


When you click on the referral link and land on, you’ll see a large pop up interstitial that looks like this:

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After your trip, you MIGHT get an e-mail with a link to claim your cash back.  The thing is, it’s not consistent.  They used to include this in the email once upon a time but I haven’t seen it recently.  If you don’t see something like this in your booking confirmation email, don’t fret.

Don’t miss this critical step:

You need to make sure that in your profile, you’ve added either a Visa or MasterCard (although they do recommend Visa) and set it to “Use this card for my cash reward” box when you save it.

Only then will Booking know where to refund the money back to.Now if you clicked on the “To get your reward, you’ll need to provide us with a credit card” checkbox (first screenshot in the post) when you made your booking, you should be good here but otherwise, you need to make sure you follow this step.

What’s interesting about’s approach here is that they give you the option of returning your refund back on a card that could be different from the one that you used to book. Primarily, this solves their problem of not being able to process refunds to Amex but you can pay with one.

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